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Domestic Animals


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 Late January - September


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 Deer Season is October - January. Due to the volume of deer we receive during these months we do not process Domestic Animals. We will begin processing Domestics again in February.




 Theiss Sausage Co. is a custom slaughter plant located just outside of Normangee in Leon County. We slaughter beef and domestic hogs. We can also process sheep and goats (call for details). We are proud to offer our clients custom processing with a large variety of processing options available. Anything we sell in our store can be made out of your animal, allowing you to think outside the box of the usual steaks and hamburger traditionally made from beef processing.  With our careful tagging and individual processing procedures, our customers can rest assured that the animal they bring will be the animal they receive.


** Due to the high volume of deer processing during deer season we do not process domestic animals during the months of October, November and December.