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Boudin Mild

A Louisiana favorite. Lean ground pork, green onion, parsley, spices and rice make this a unique treat!

Boudin Hot

Add Cayenne to our mild Boudin and you have a spicy link!

Boudin  Authentic

More like the traditional Louisiana Boudin this variety is made with lean Pork and Pork liver. We also add a touch of pepper for a medium heat. A true Boudin lovers treat.

Smoked Boudin

Our mild Boudin with a Texas twist. It’s smoked!

Mild Boudin Balls

Our customers are creative with these! Most common is to roll in corn meal and deep fry. But they have used them for stuffing, skillet frying, on the grill and even in spaghetti!

Hot Boudin Balls

For those who like heat. Possibilities are endless.

Smoked Mild Boudin Balls

The Texas spin once again. They are fully cooked and ready to eat. Just warm them up and enjoy.