Smokin’ Sausage Since ’73

Hog Processing

Domestic Hogs/Large Boar hog
(Includes skinning and gutting)

Up to 300 lbs hanging weight. $0.50/lb after 300 lbs

Wild Hog
(Skinned or quartered)
Skinning $30.00ea


Boneless Hog (up to 50lbs) $60.00
Price per lb there after $0.50
**Above prices include cutting, wrapping, and tenderizing  
Smoke Sausage $3.20/lb
Boudin $3.05/lb
Smoked Boudin Balls $3.60/lb
Dry Sausage $6.00/lb
Pan Sausage $2.70/lb
Fresh Link Sausage $3.00/lb
Snack Sticks $6.25/lb
Summer Sausage $5.20/lb
Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage $6.60/lb
Jerky $7.75/lb
Smoked Ham $1.75/lb
Hamburger or Chili $1.00/lb
Stew Meat $1.50/lb
Add Jalapeno $0.50/lb
Add Cheese $0.90/lb
**above prices are pre smoke weight  

Theiss Sausage Co. can custom slaughter your domestic hogs and process your wild hogs. We pride ourselves on our old fashioned processing using no binders or fillers. From our handmade jerky to our hard wood smoked sausage, it is all made with homemade tender loving care. We are proud to offer our clients custom processing with a large variety of processing options available. Anything we sell in our store can be made out of your animal. From our cured and smoked bacon and hams to our old fashioned hard wood smoked sausage, we make it all here. We are very particular about the handling of our clients orders. We do not mix orders. Each animal is tagged carefully and all orders are processed individually so our customers can rest assured that the animal they bring will be the animal they receive.

There will be a $10.00 charge for orders with 3 or more varieties of trimmings.  Effective November 1, 2007.

10lb. batch minimum on Dry Sausage, Snack Sticks & Summer Sausage.

15lb. batch minimum on all sausages.

All steaks are double wrapped for the freezer. All smoked meats are vacuum packed.

All prices subject to change.

Deposit due upon drop off

Orders not picked up within 15 days will be subject to a $15.00/week holding fee. After 30 days it will be sold for charges.  Deposits are non refundable.

We do not mix orders.  Each animal is tagged carefully and all orders are processed individually, so the product you receive is always your meat.

Old Fashioned Hardwood Smoked Sausage made on the premises with USDA inspected pork and beef.