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Theiss Sausage Co.

Smoking Sausage since 1974 

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 Shotgun Shells

Polish Sausage Link, Jalapeno, Cheddar Cheese,

Cream Cheese and seasonings

all wrapped up in BACON! Mmmmmm!! 


Domestic Animals


Now accepting Domestics by appointment

 Late January - September


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 Deer Season is October - January. Due to the volume of deer we receive during these months we do not process Domestic Animals. We will begin processing Domestics again in February.




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Mmmmm Breakfast!



Piggy Bacon, Breakfast Piggies, Pan Sausage, Chorizo



What is Piggy Bacon you ask? 


 The best of Bacon and Ham in one. Piggy Bacon is the best part of the Pork Butt. Lean and full of flavor. Old fashioned, hard wood smoked & thick sliced. Sure to be one of your family's favorites!




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Cut to Order Choice Rib Eye Steaks

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