Smokin’ Sausage Since ’73

About Us

Theiss Sausage Co. was founded in 1973 by Alton Theiss in Humble, Texas using the knowledge his father gave him about sausage making.  After years of processing and smoking the family’s hogs and deer out back in our cedar smokehouse he began to make sausage for others. He worked with his wife, Lina, and children in a small processing plant he built beside his house.  He took on a partner, Chuck Collins, and his wife Dorothy.  The business grew and they expanded.  In the 1990's, Alton sold the business and retired to Normangee, Tx with his wife.

When Alton retired to Normangee, Lina thought Alton's sausage making days were through.  But again, a seed of an idea began to sprout.  This time he enlisted the help of his son Robert, and before she knew it, Alton was again making sausage for friends and family.  Well, word of mouth spread and sure enough, business began to grow.  The small shop was expanded and Theiss Sausage Co. began again.

After the death of Alton in 2009, the shop has been reopened by son Robert and granddaughter Terressa.  In 2010 a new processing plant was built on Hwy 39. Business is the same as usual.  We still make our sausage the same way using no binders and no fillers. Real smoke is used in our smoke house. The only difference is that Alton is not sitting at the desk greeting everyone as they come in.  However, you will still be welcomed upon arrival and we guarantee you the same great sausage that founded the company in 1973.