Smokin’ Sausage Since ’73


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Original Buck

Our Original Buck sausage is made with lean pork and venison blended with garlic and sage and smoked to perfection.

Buck Red

Buck Red has a paprika and garlic seasoning blend and made with lean pork and beef. Your gonna love it!

Buck Sticks

A unique blend of spices made with lean venison. You can’t eat just one!

Jalapeno & Cheese Buck Sticks

Jalapeno and Cheese added to our lean venison snack sticks. Sure to be a favorite.

Buck Summer

You can’t resist our venison Summer Sausage. Makes a great snack.

Jalapeno & Cheese Buck Summer

We add Jalapeno and cheese to our Venison Summer Sausage to make a spicy treat that you are gonna love.